My Grandmother and “The Angels’ Share”

I’m home today, not in my office, because I chose not to share my newly acquired … cold? … with my colleagues. To take my mind off my misery, I decided to sort through some of my stored Letter to the Editor submissions to the New York Times. In doing so, I came across one I […]

Paris Found, Paris Lost

Recently, my partner and I went to see the movie Revolutionary Road, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.


As a married couple with young children, the protagonists have settled for less in their lives than they imagined they would—settling, literally, in suburbia. The wife […]


  Woven together after I picked them from the garden of my mind


There was a time I sought to become a poet, believing verse was in my soul,  wanting out.

 But to be a bard I had to intuit,  poetry is my […]